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Mechanic Mike's Machines is a 15 title series which looks at a wide variety of vehicles and machinery. Each book uses computer-generated artwork to simply illustrate each machine and a simple supporting block of text which is perfect for a varied young readership. Further information about each machine is provided by our character, Mike, and in captions beneath small icons which can be read by more able readers, or by a

parent or teacher.

Airplanes  •  Cars  •  Diggers  •  Farm Machinery  •  Helicopters  •  Motorbikes  •  Racing Cars  •  Rescue Vehicles  •  

Ships  •  Spacecraft  •  Speedsters  •  Submarines  •  Tanks  •  Trains  •  Trucks 

24 Pages   |   215mm x 215mm   |   Glossary and Index   |   5-8 Years   |   Full Colour Artwork

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