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Welcome to a world where dinosaurs have suddenly appeared in the streets of my home town. Don't ask me how they got here. One day everything was normal, the next they're EVERYWHERE. Big, scary, meat-eating ones; giant, long-necked ones; noisy, trumpeting ones; spiky, armoured ones, and packs of dangerous little ones with sharp claws. There are dozens of them, each with its own special set of talents. In these books, you can see what it's like living in a town where dinosaurs roam the streets.

Dinosaurs with Sharp Claws •  Dinosaurs with Armour  •  Dinosaurs with Beaks and Bills  • 

Dinosaurs with Horns and Frills  •  Dinosaurs with Long Necks  •  Giant Dinosaurs with Sharp Teeth 

24 Pages   |   274mm x 210mm   |   Glossary and Index   |   8 Years   |   Full Colour Artwork

Also available as bind up:

64 Pages   |   215mm x 215mm   |   Glossary and Index   |   8 Years   |   Full Colour Artwork

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